Simply amazing, a resistant RNC plus some rogues will make this GOP candidacy fun to watch

This is obviously a cover-up by that campaign. This was the job of an RNC mole, or some rogue who was willing to give up professionalism in order to save »

(June 26th, 2016) Brexit chaos, Trump campaign having trouble pre-convention

Sad days for the organized and forward looking world. As Boris Johnson succesfully pushes the UK off a cliff via the ‪#‎brexit‬ referendum, we hope that the Donald Trump candidacy »

(April 27th, 2016) Late primary stunts crash into reality. Why, Ted Cruz?

I think Ted Cruz just killed his campaign, Carly Fiorina ... really?? this is a desperation move to appear "non-establishment-ish" but so terribly amateur at the national stage. He must have »

(April 26th, 2016) 100% chance of a GOP worst case scenario

GOP worst case scenario: Trump nomination, GOP worst case scenario: Cruz nomination on second ballot, GOP worst case scenario: Clinton landslide win over Trump, GOP worst case scenario: Cruz/Ryan »

(April 3rd, 2016) We love leaks! The Panama Papers

This was already such a well known fact, but the extent of this new leak undresses that economic theory that tax breaks for the super wealthy and huge corporations are »